Eshu aye

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Eshu aye

Pedazo de las 4 patas de Aya. Cabeza y Plums de Gunugun, de todas las clases de Pluma. Este Eshu, lleva una o dos manos de Caracoles, que se usan tambin para vestirlo. Lleva la misma carga que el anterior, ms un pichn de Eyel dentro. Patas de Eyel. Se encienden, 3 Itana al Diloggun. Se le da Eyebale de los animales que se dan. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days.

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Tratado de Eshu

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Sebastian Pedro Lopez.Aje Shaluga is the Yoruba deity of material wealth, money, currency, markets, and trade. She is also the Orisha of dyes and pigments.

Talk and ebbo on Aye

She is a water deity born from Yemaya and Obatala. In most places in Yorubaland, he is male, but in some places and much of the diaspora, she is female or androgynous, or their gender is not specified because it is not considered important. Her first earthly incarnation or manifestation is said to be from Kemet.

Her embodiment on most altars is a large cowrie shell. Her sacred number in some traditions is the same as Oshun's, 5 and multiples of 5, because they are so strongly connected. Sometimes it is 7 because of her connection with Yemaya. Some choose to include both 5 and 7. She is compatible with all Orishas, so there is no worry over where to place her items on your altar or storage.

Ile Baalat Teva chooses to have her yearly holiday on July even though the big offerings are given along with Oshun's festival in August. This is because the original Yoruba date is unknown, but cowries generally mate and lay eggs in July. In the stories or apatakis about Aje Shaluga, she appears as an example of generosity and result of intelligent effort or good fortune.

eshu aye

On the index page, there is a story in which she saved Oshun from poverty. In another, when Eshu came to a crossroads to get donations for the poor, the rich were hesitant, so he threw stones that burned their houses down. So in many of the more well equipped shrines, there is a cape of cowries. This cape reminds us that poverty is man made. It is only man's selfishness that leads to situations where anyone would not be able to provide for their needs.

So since the rich create the situation of poverty, it is their responsibility to prevent or solve poverty. If they do not then Eshu will burn their house down.

For this reason, an ebbo is very rarely a sacrifice in Vodun or diaspora traditions. Someone living needs to benefit from at least a part of the offerings or actions unless an offering needs to be disposed of in a specific way.

Even in the case of an immolation, ashes are usually given to plants or go into making lye for sacred soaps or other uses. It is good to be generous and not wasteful.

On the other hand, there is the saying that there is no ebbo without Aje Shaluga. This means that one must invest something in order for a prayer to be meaningful as more than wishful thinking.

eshu aye

So we don't go to the spirits emptyhanded though if we have no other option or if it is an ebbo that doesn't involve material offerings, we have sweated, fasted, bled, or given some kind of effort for it.

The spirits don't need our offerings, but we need to give them. As the Orisha of dyes and pigments, she is responsible for the chemistry of the variety of colors in our world, including melanin, chlorophyll, and other natural colorings.

She blesses the dyeing process for her adherents and makes the colors last longer and turn out brighter. Painters, decorators, and makeup artists also give to her to bless their projects. Some believe that when a person is born differently colored skin or hair than either of their parents or most of their siblings, this is a sign that they will be wealthy because Aje Shaluga has marked them. People marked by Aje Shaluga may be of any head, as she is compatible with all. All children of Oshun carry Aje Shaluga with her though.

So, to be well aligned, it is important for children of Oshun to know how to manage money well and to teach others to be resourceful and mindful about the material aspects of prosperity. For food offerings, like her wife Oshun, Aje Shaluga enjoys sweets.

She also enjoys very high-carb foods like dumplings. In the diaspora, we make her sweet filled dumplings from wheat, rice, or bean flour, or stew with dumplings. In Africa, they make her ekuru funfun which is a dumpling made from white beans.Who is Eshu?

He governs the manifestations of the malevolent. For the good to manifest, it's neccesary to know the evil and the ways to evade it. He is the one who is always making traps and deceives the Orishas and men in the different legend or patakines.

He means the misfortunes that happen in our lives when we are not in syntony or balance with which surrounds us. Eshu is of exclusive power of the Babalawos, they load it and give it, Eshu is not crowned. According to ifa it has ways or paths. The Babalawos consecrates it with diverse elements of the nature. Most of the Oshas and Orishas are accompanied by a specific Eshu.

The Eshu-Eleggua combination represents the constant bond between the positive and the negative, so that all change demands a crisis and there is no calm without calmness. When a home is protected denotes the presence of Elegua and when there there are problems it is that Eshu has entered.

The western culture confused Eshu with the Devil, but that's not correct, in any case it could be confused with the Devil that tempted Jesus; Eshu, the trickster, but in nothing else it is resembled, since its objective is to provoke chaos so that measures to obtain the balance are taken. Family of Eshu: Eshu is the first particle of life created by Olorun. It is indicated that their ways are children of Orunmila.

Paths of Eshu: Eshu Abalonke. Eshu Abainukue [Abanulue]. Eshu Abarikoko [Aberekoko]. Eshu Aberu. Eshu Aboni. Eshu Adawa.

Eshu Afradi. Eshu Aganika. Eshu Agbanile. Eshu Agbobamaleki [Agbobara Meleki].

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Eshu Agongo Olo Onya. Eshu Agongo Ogo. Eshu Agogo [Agoto]. Eshu Agomeyo.The Eshu AY-shoo are born of the dreams of the Middle East and Africa ; they are wanderers and storytellers, and have no peers as navigators in the Dreaming. They are also incorrigible risk-takers, unable to resist a dare or wager if they feel they might succeed, no matter the danger. These things all give them a reputation for being unreliable, but few kithain would refuse them a place at the table to hear their stories of far off lands.

The Sidhe would like everyone to believe they were there in the beginning but it's not true.

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How do the Eshu know? Because They were there, looking over the whole world, and didn't see a single one.

Yoruba Religion

It was many years before they had any company at all. In the beginning was Olorunthe Owner of the Skyand he looked down from his palace and saw the emptiness of the world which was only sky, and void, and water. So he sent his younger son, Obatalathe maker, to fashion the world and fill it with all manner of creatures. He had his older son, Orunmilathe diviner, fashion it so that it ran smoothly and that those who practiced the magic of the future could glimpse its functioning.

When all that was done, Olorun sent Eshuhis linguist and messenger, to go down and start collecting sacrifices for him in return for having made everything possible. As Eshu travelled he sired children that's his way too and while they were only partly divine, they shared their father's laughter and view of the world as well as some of his power.

Restless souls they, too, took to the roads to find their father; bringing chance and adventure as the went. Some wanted to be like Eshu and so they taught and punished and explored. They were the first of the Ojo : The followers of life, daylight, and destiny.

One might consider them Seelie. Others were mad at their father for leaving them and so they stole, told lies, and played mean tricks on people. They became the Iku : The followers of death, darkness, and randomness. One might consider them Unseelie. There were so many of these children that people began to think of them as Eshu himself and started worshipping them instead of Eshu himself.

Of course Eshu heard of all this and was full of anger that his name had been stolen and so came to the world to investigate. When he saw what his children were doing, though, he laughed and forgot his wrath. His children had learned their lessons well and if the humans had tricked themselves, well, that was their problem.

But he had to punish his children some way because they still had stolen his name, wickedly or not. If he didn't, why, then all the names of creation could be stolen and everything would be returned to emptiness.Ek, ey, awadd, obbi, osun, ero, kol, obbi motiwao, obbi eddn, air, orogbo, iyef de Orunmila, 21 ew ni Ocha Eleggu, 3 pesos, 7 atars, o, ep, ot, ot gig, obbi tuto masticado, ach pupu, dundn y funfn, coral, azabache, oro, plata.

Iks; jala jala, amansa guapo, cambia voz, dominador, vencedor, sacu sacu, vence batallas, para m, yamao, yo puedo ms, tengue. Atitn del il de quien lo recibe. Afoch de ler de akuk y de jiojio meta. NOTA: Todos los Eshu se han de llevar despus de montados a la manigua para darle 3 osaddi, llamndolo bien.

Todos llevan bibijagua, ew ortiguilla, pica pica, pata gallina, ikines, 7 agberes, atitn del il de quien lo recibe, atitn de mar, ro, monte, 3 juj de ikoddi dentro, raz de cardo santo, ceiba y jagey. Al terminar de montarlo, se ponen siempre al pie del Eleggu del Aw con itan meta encendida Carga de afoch de Eleggu completa: en una igba gan, se coloca lo siguiente; 7 ler jiojio, 7 ler de osaddi, 3 ler akuk, 1 ler ounko, ler awasa, ler de ayaku, opolopo ek, ey, awadd, bogbo ew ni Ocha, bogbo ik ni Ozain, opolopo ep, opolopo iyef ni Orunmila, opolopo bogbo ach: obbi, osun, ero, kol, obbi eddn, eyiroso, air, obbi motiwao, obbi tuto, obbifn, orogbo, atitn de todas las posiciones lavadas en omiero de Eleggu, harina de maz, 3 yemas de huevo, azogue, o, ot, otg, juj akuk, bogbo ew ortiguilla, bogbo raz de cardo santo, bogbo picapica, atars.

Eshu Ay o Eshu Lay Este Eshu se monta en un Kobo o caracol marino medianamente grande, al cual se le hace una base de cemento para que quede parado, excepto que por s solo lo haga.

Este Eshu, no lleva cazuela, vive directamente en el piso y la ot se le coloca dentro de la carga cuidando que se vea un poco para poderle dar de comer. Es decir, que sobresalga del cemento por la parte superior del kobo. Carga de Eshu Ay: ler, eleses y kokn de eyel okun, 1 agguema, ler akuaro, akuk, de ounko, de jiojio meta que se le dan junto con la eyel a la carga, atitn de basurero, de loma, de 4 esquinas, de okn, de Ib, de centros comerciales, de bibijagua, afoch de e addi y eyel sacadas, 3 ikines de Orunmila, bogbo ilek o 1 ilek de bandera pequeito, ek, ey, awadd, ep, 21 atars, oro, plata, azabache, coral, mbar, 1 ot de imn, races de ewereyeye, 21 monedas, de atiponl, de ceiba, de lamo, de prodigiosa, almcigo, ews Llantn, algodn, atiponl, bleo blanco, caa brava, curujey, afoch de iks amansa guapo, cambia voz, vence batallas, cocuyo, ramn, para m, cedro, afoch de hojas de ortiguilla, de cardo Santo, de pica pica, de pata gallina, prodigiosa, de itamo real, de escoba amarga, ilekn, afoch de tarro de mal, obi, osun, ero, kol, obi motiwao, air, obi eddn, 7 agberes entizadas, y se pregunta si umbelotn kamafony.

Si dice que no, se le va preguntando a Eleggu hasta que cierre. Al cemento se le da eyebbale de los jiojio, de la eyel junto con la carga que come de todo eso, mas un e addi. En la abertura del Ay, lo ltimo que se coloca antes de sellarlo es las ler de estos: Eyel y agguema. El kobo se sella con cemento, y se le ponen 4 diloggn grandes o 7 medianos que se cargan, esto se pregunta a Eleggu, si cierra con 4 o 7 diloggn. Eshus de Odd Melli Eshu Idema Carga: marfil, coral, azabache, 16 ots kek de il okn, funfn y dundn, atitn de chilekn il, obi osun ero cola, obi motiwao, atars, oro, plata, 16 ews de Eleggu, 16 iks fuertes, ler de Ayacu, akuk, carpintero.

Se hace la masa, y se forra con 48 caracoles. Este come junto con Eggn. Eshu Yekuyeledd yeku yelede Este Eshu se monta con 1 ot de chilekn il Ik, que se le da un osaddi, del que se coge kokn y ler para la carga.

Carga: caballito del Diablo, ek, ey, ep, ler akuk, de eledd, ot kana, 3 monedas de plata, 3 caracoles, 3 azabaches, ero obi osun kol, arid. Se lava con 21 ews de Eleggu. Ozain ir de Eleggu Este se puede montar en un girito, pero esta vez lo haremos en una ikok de barro, y se tapa por una igb con un hueco en el centro.

Carga: atitn de todos los comercios de la ciudad, o de partes de la ciudad, entrada y salidas de la ciudad, lino de mar y de ro, ashibbat, flor de agua, ek, ey, awadd, 7 atars, 7 pedacitos de obbi, raz de ceiba, atiponl, bleo colorado, cardo santo, misi misi, vergonzosa, piedra de imn, limallas de 7 metales, amansa guapo, cambia voz, vence batalla, para m, vencedor, abre caminos, jala jala, amal cruda, obi osun ero kol, 4 anzuelos que se amarran en el centro con raz de ew ern, bibijaguas con su tierra, 3 moscas cantridas, len de ey kek y ler del mismo, ler de ekut, de akuk, de jiojio meta que se da a la carga antes de sellarlo, de ounko, de ek, 21 monedas, tiroko de Ayacu eleses y ler de la misma, ep, ot, o, 3 ikines de Orunmila, 7 ewereyeye, 3 mates rojos 3 ojos de buey, 7 atars ogguma, iyef de Orunmila, efn, azogue, coral, azabache, mbar, y se le pregunta a Eleggu si cierra.

Si dice que no se le sigue preguntando hasta que cierre. La ot se busca en el niw como es sabido.Nombre de los Eshus 1. Eshu ayelu: Es el mensajero de ifa y su guardiero. Eshu abanulue: Baba eyiogbe. Trabaja con ifa. Eshu laroye: Revolucionario. Eshu male: El elewa que olofin le dio a orunla 6. Eshu arayeyi: El portero de olofin. Eshu akokolebiyu: Es de Mina, juega a las bolas y al trompo y fuma cigarros.

Eshu olanki: Hermano del anterior. Eshu suayu: Vive en la mata de yaya, delante de la puerta.

Eshú: oración, ofrendas, caminos y más

Eshu batioye: Siempre vence y logra sus propositos. Eshu ileloya: Vive en la plaza. Eshu lalu: El de los 4 vientos. Eshu arailele: Perro callejero. Eshu waiyo: Lleva 22 caracoles y es arara.

eshu aye

Eshu awere: Vive en la loma. Eshu awanloke: Es adulto y muertero. Eshu morilaye: Vive en los 4 caminos, tiene 4 bocas y 4 ojos. Eshu marara: Se forra con conchas de mar.

Eshu odemasa: Es de monte. Eshu jano: Es de cedro, lleva sombrero de yarey y garabato de yamao en la mano izquierda. Come de frente, de espalda, se viste de negro y la camisa mitad blanca y mitad negra.He sits behind every door. He loves to play jokes and be mischievous. He is the good friend and messenger of Oshun. He loves to walk the streets and he is very useful in money problems.

He can cause you to loose everything or gain everything. When Laroye comes down to earth, he goes around and plays with the children, eat cakes and dances alongside with the orishas.

You have to keep an eye on him as he likes to take to the streets to find who he can play a tick on. This path is a very strong Elegua. This Eshu is said to be the overseer of the egungun which are the spirits of the dead. Alagwanna sits at the cemetery gates guarding and maintaining order of the dead that pass through the gates. Close friend and messenger to Oya. Chains are very essential to him When Alagwanna comes down to the earth, he is very stern and does not like foolishness.

He enjoys to dance and loves to consult about family or ancestors that have passed on.

eshu aye

This Eshu is known to be seen at crossroads. He is an Eshu that causes distruct and misfortune to those who deserve it. He can be best friend or your worst enemy. When Eshu Bi comes down he likes to talk stern to his followers. He gives good advices and expects you to listen to them. This path is said to be one of the paths that Elegua is represented as a female. She is the one that sends each path out to do what is needed to be done among humans.

This Eshu is said to walk closely and the messenger of Chango.

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He is said to open the paths for Chango when he goes to battle. Eshu Aina wears a thunderstone on his head and alongside with his garavato, he holds a double axe like Chango. This Eshu is said to also cause fire as one of his punishments.


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